About me

I love art and tend to perfection….


….since I have painted in my parents house all walls, the furniture and also myself, I dont leave brush and pencil from my hand!

My job is a librarian, but over the years I have tried, worked and educated myself in different design styles….

Oil on canvas, glass and mural painting, wall mosaic, jewelry design and goldsmith work, advertising, etc.

During the last years the focus was on working with Swarovski stones (decoration of different objects: Accessories and pictures).

With such a creative “Tick”, the cake design couldn´t of course pass my eyes!

unbenannt2-4retI consider cakes not only as a culinary delicacy, but also as a true art object. The self-made designs and the realization of bold ideas make me fun and bring joy for the eyes of the audience

I took part in the most important competitions in Europe (see menu item “Design contests”). There I have won a total of 5 gold, 4 “Best of Class” and “Best in Show” at the Cake International Birmingham 2016 („The Cake International cake competitions are the largest and most exciting in the world!“).

On this basis, I offer several courses / workshops, and private lessons for all who appreciate this sugar art. I am looking forward to all interested parties, who have fun learning more about sugar art. And I would be glad if they like to join me. I am also delighted to meet you personally. If we know each other already, then it would be great to see you again.


With best wishes from Berlin


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Member of:

International Cake Exploration Societe (USA)
British Sugarcraft Guild ( England )
British Sugarcraft Guild (England)
Interessengemeinschaft Tortendesign e. V. ( Germany )
Interessengemeinschaft Tortendesign e. V. (Germany)